Multi-Browser Support

Multi-Browser Support

TestWise makes running same tests against different browsers easy, just choose the browser on the toolbar and then run the tests.

Internet Explorer (Watir and Selenium-WebDriver)

Obviously this for tests running on MS windows platform, IE8 or IE9 on Windows XP or Windows 7 are supported.

Chrome (Selenium-WebDriver)

To run tests in Chrome (with Selenium-WebDriver), need to install binary for chromium driver first. More details can be found here.

Firefox (Selenium-WebDriver)

Selenium 2 (WebDriver) support multiple browsers, including IE, Chrome and Firefox. No installation needed, just select Firefox icon on TestWise toolbar and then run your test.

Run Watir tests against Firefox 3

Watir 2 does not support Firefox any more. If you really want to run Watir tests in Firefox, then it has to be Firefox 3, see the instructions below.

On Windows platform, by default, web tests are run against Internet Explorer. To support Firefox, you need to install JSSH extension.

You can check FireWatir Installation Wiki for details. Although it is not part of TestWise, Here are some instructions we hope make it even simpler for you to get it set up.

On Linux/Mac platforms, Firefox will be chosen as default browser to running RWebSpec web tests. JSSH extension installation is must.

Estimated installation time: ~20 seconds

This tutorial is using Firefox 3.0.12, JSSH version: 0.9.

The new JSSH v1.0 might not work reliably on FireFox 3.5.1. If you in doubt, please use FireFox 3.0.12 (get it here).

Install manually

Drag C:\Program Files\TestWise\thirdparty\Firefox_AddOns\jssh-3.6-WINNT.xpi to a Firefox Window.

Verify installation

Restart Firefox. Click ‘Tools’ → ‘Addons’, You shall see JSSH installed.

Enable JSSH on Firefox Startup

To start up Firefox with JSSH enabled, Right click the Firefox Shortcut, select ‘Properties’, then append " -jssh’ in ‘Target’ text box.